Hello everyone! A new and young BTB here. Just wanted to share my experience with Ztage so far as well! Me and my HTB has been looking around for nice wedding photography, and at first we were really keen on doing our photoshoot overseas! But all of the packages that we saw were really over our budget (young and not much savings ) so we instead shifted our search to local offices. So glad I chanced upon this FB post that introduced me to Ztage! They have offices around the world (HK, Malaysia, Korea), and have recently opened an office in Singapore also. This was so ideal for us as they will send the photos taken here, to their Korea offices for edit and arrangement, so we can get the 'korean' effect even if our photos are taken in Singapore. The sample photos (taken in Singapore) looks really good, bridal gowns are also plenty. And their prices also fits our budget as well, so its definitely a thumbs up from me! Looking forward to our actual shoot in Mar!