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Thread: Korea pre wedding photo shoot with Hello Muse

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    Thumbs up Korea pre wedding photo shoot with Hello Muse

    Hello, I've just come back from Korean trip with my besties last week. My friend and her fiance took their pre wedding photo shoot in Korea. And I'm planning to go there again for my turn this Spring I just followed the whole process with them and it was really great experience for me as well.

    I helped my friend find a suitable Korea pre wedding package among thuns of Korean wedding agencies and packages. We've narrowed down with How2Marry, Wedding Ritz and Hello Muse among others such as Ztage Wedding, I Do wedding and Eugi Wedding because those three are Korea based companies and I've heard that they are getting more affordable price list from Korean bridal shops and studios. And I though Korean agencies get more recent news and changes quickly and the information might be more accurate.

    We've compared with those three Korean wedding companies and finally went my friend's photo shoot with Hello Muse. The first thing we liked Hello Muse was they open the bridal shop names and studio names and it looked more trustful than just call all Korean studios with numbers and it was easy to compare with others. Their replies were really quick and they cleared the questions with definite answers. All the staffs are really friendly and outgoing. I saw some other agents from other companies (I don't know which company..) and they were watching their phones or playing games during the photo shoot. But Anna was with us from the first and even to break time during the photo shoot. She's super supportable and professional. Hope you guys have your special time in Korea with nice people and best service like us!

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    Smile Inquiry

    Hi May I know did you/your frined take the pre-wedding photo shoot with hello muse in January? Because I am thinking of taking pre-wedding outdoor shoot during January, but I am wondering about the weather and photo result... I am looking forward for your reply. Thank you

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    Lovely photos. I and my fiance are thinking of signing up to Hello Muse for our pre-wedding photo shoot since we are getting married in his native country, Korea.

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    Hey there!

    I have seen Hello Muse's Facebook and I'm still considering between going to Korea or doing a local photoshoot.
    Will you be willing to share your package with me? My email is

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, i just came back from korea for my pre wed shoot. If u need help n contacts, i will be able to help. Pm me.

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    Hi everyone,

    I just took my prewedding photos in Korea January!It was cold but is very satisfied with our photoshoot day with studio and agent staffs.
    I just got back my original photos now waiting myagency to sen our final edited photos .

    If you need some help or suggestion, PM me. I may give a help

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    Hi all! I did a f2f consultation with Anna from Hellomuse today since they came over Singapore! She very open about the prices and studios, and she would provide the quote immediately and not like hide the prices from you.... Had pretty good vibes. There's no need to sign immediately or anything too! Not too sure anyone has did photoshoot with them before? Care to share?

    The good thing is that the deposit is very reasonable! And she's frank about all the costs, and the details!

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    Hi, I am thinking to go Korea for my shoot. Any recommendation which agent to choose? Please send hellomuse package to me. Here is my email

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    Hi, anyone can share with me on their korea pre wedding package?
    I am keen to go this year for their autumn season.
    Thank you!

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    Thumbs up Review of korean pre wedding photoshoot with Hello Muse

    I did a pre wedding photoshoot with them in Seoul in June 2016. We used Lumiere Studio, The Beaulah dress shop and Encloe salon. Any questions, please drop me a comment on the post and I will do my best to assist :-)

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