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Thread: FRENCH Bridal

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    FRENCH Bridal

    Harlow all BTB,

    I am new here, any French Bride here to share their experience.

    I just signed up with them few weeks back.

    The recommended MUA, photographer etc.

    Thank you!

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    Harlow Renee

    I am keen with French Bridal, like to find out your experience so far?

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    Can u pls PM me the wedding coordinator from the BS as well?

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    Hello all French Brides,

    I am going to sign up with them, can you kindly recommend which photographer and MUA to use?

    thank you so much

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    Thanks for the advices

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    I am new here and I am keen to sign up with French Bridal

    So is
    Joanne better or the new MUA better?

    Who do you recommend for photographer?

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    Thanks Sandy,

    Me and my friends always come back to read about your account and review.

    Your information has helped us alot.

    Thank you so much

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    Hi all..I'm from FB too~~ happened to check out this forum going for my final gown selection end Dec & photo-shoot in Jan. really hope to see more nice gowns from FB.
    Thanks for sharing your experience here, much appreciated

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    Hello All BTB,

    I also just signed up with them as well

    Thanks for sharing the experience.

    Who else is with French Bride here?

    Can anyone recommend on who is good for my PS and MUA?

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    Hi all,

    I had signed up with them as well. My first appointment is next friday. May I know what is done on the first appointment?

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