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Thread: Pin Si Restaurant @ SAFRA Yishun Wedding Review

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    Pin Si Restaurant @ SAFRA Yishun Wedding Review

    Pin Si Restaurant @ SAFRA Yishun is a Chinese restaurant serving Cantonese, Chinese Cuisine.

    Address: 60 Yishun Ave 4, #02-VI Safra Yishun Country Club
    Neighbourhood: Yishun
    No MRT station nearby

    If you are planning to hold your wedding banquet at Pin Si Restaurant @ SAFRA Yishun and has question regarding their wedding packages.

    Post your reviews, questions and feedback here by replying to this thread.

    There may be other reviews on this wedding venue, try searching to find out more.

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    Went over there a wedding banquet not too long ago, was quite surprised the hall can housed over 60 tables.
    Service was good and food as well

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    Is Pin Si also under the Gim Tim group of restaurant as they are listed there?
    Anyone attended wedding banquet or ROM there recently.
    Considering this place as all our family is staying at Yishun

    thanks in advance

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    Yes I think they are under the Gim Tim group, we did our solemnization there.
    They have a private room which can housed more than 5 tables if I am not wrong as we only had 2 tables.
    Food is decent.

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    Can someone emailed me their wedding banquet packages and any updated reviews of the place?

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