Oh no ... Another wedding forum in Singapore ??
Hold that thought. We are a little different from the rest

Who is Weddingforum.sg?
The WeddingForum.sg is a Online Forum for Singapore Brides who are just engaged, planning a wedding, married, or even those single but thinking of getting married.

So it is more than a place to discuss about wedding stuff?
Yes, we are more than just a discussion forum. Weddingforum.sg 's focus is on selling, buying and trading of wedding related stuff. Whether you are planning to sell off your used bridal heels or gown, hunting for a wedding photographer and bridal package, WeddingForum.sg is a one stop shopping marketplace for bargain hunters in Singapore.

Hmmm ... but why should I sell here?
Unlike other forum, we classified our forum based on the type of wedding stuff that you are planning to sell. This format help to make the marketplace cleaner and neater so that you can get the information you need faster.

But why in a forum?
3 out of 5 internet users make decision today based on what they read online on interactive media. By selling and buying in a forum, it provide a platform for buyers and sellers to interact.

Can we do more than selling and buying here?
Yes, you can also discuss the latest wedding trend and news, promotion, wedding suppliers, wedding dresses, wedding planner, wedding fashion plus many more here.

Any other information that Weddingforum.sg provides?
Weddingforum.sg provides useful tips and information like hotel wedding, wedding photos, wedding videos, banquet, restaurants, gowns, wedding songs and bridal shop.

Weddingforum.sg is a one stop solution for you so register today and start posting

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