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Thread: Fengshui for home?

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    Fengshui for home?


    anyone engaging fengshui master for home? Any recommendations? Though getting our place only next yr end but thought can source ard first hehe..TIA!

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    Master Long Tian Xiang
    Mobile: 90675008

    He was thorough and friendly

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    Here are some fengShui tips -

    Feng Shui - Aloow open space in your home for enjoy more and get benefits for feng shui.The more the open space, the more energy will be there in your home.

    Add plants in your home.Plants filter the air, creating a healthier, cleaner environment. Plants also attract vibrant chi energy due to their life force.

    Colors play a very important role in feng shui; add them through wall art, decorative objects or paint.

    Keep the Path to the Front Door Clear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luth View Post
    Master Long Tian Xiang
    Mobile: 90675008

    He was thorough and friendly
    I contact with them, really very friendly and helpfull

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    Red face

    Fengshui possess energy which bring luck.

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