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Thread: Ramada Hotel Singapore

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    Ramada Hotel Singapore

    Many would think that this is a low 4 star hotel and due to it's location at Balestier does not sound too appealing.

    But hubby and I felt that Ramada Hotel was the best choice we have made in our entire wedding planning.

    Firstly, the per table pricing is extremely reasonable and do visit their open house where you get to have food tasting which we were extremely satisfied! They can only accommodate a maximum of 26 tables and we think that it was perfect because it also limit us who to invite instead of inviting every single person.

    We would like to highly recommend Owen Yee the Catering Sales Manager! He was simply awesome and he follow up closely with us for every details. He even went the extra miles which I strongly believe the not many in the market would do that. Owen stayed through till our second march-in and ensure that everything were in order. He also manage to get us the lawn area for our outdoor ROM which was simply beautiful!

    Just wish to share with more couples that a traditional chinese wedding dinner can be affordable and the name of the place is not as important as what you think.

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    Thumbs up 5 Stars to Ramada!

    We recently had our wedding at Ramada Hotel.

    One of the reasonís why we chose Ramada is because of Owen
    , our Catering Sales Manager in Ramada Hotel. From the first time we met him, he was very accommodating and friendly. We immediately felt his sincerity to help us with our needs. At first we were supposed to get the Zhongshan Ballroom but Owen managed to pull some strings for us to use Ballestier Ballroom.

    We didnít have any difficulty talking to him which made the entire process smooth. He always have to adjust his time in order to meet us during the planning stage. He is very responsible and he made sure everything is settled before he goes on leave. We were impressed with Owen's attitude and his passion to help us achieve the wedding that we wanted. We are very lucky to have him.

    All the staff in Ramada are friendly and cheerful. We are very impressed with the staff who helped us in our wedding banquet. Jayden, who is very professional, the program run smoothly thanks to him. Tasneem who guided and taught me how to walk properly for our march-in. Ms. Hong, Cindy and Sankary, they made sure we have a pleasant food experience at Flavours in Zhongshan.

    We are so happy with the whole experience and our guests are satisfied too! Alot of our friends commented the food is good compared to other wedding banquet they attended.

    We recommend Ramada Hotel to all those looking for a venue for their wedding! All the best to Ramada!!

    Nick & Ressie

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