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Thread: Castalia Wedding Gallery in JB

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    Castalia Wedding Gallery in JB

    I did not find much reviews on Castalia Wedding Gallery, anyone has experience with them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotye View Post
    I did not find much reviews on Castalia Wedding Gallery, anyone has experience with them?
    I shortlisted Spozami, Destino and Castalia and chose because Castalia because their wedding packages are much cheaper, these shops are just located nearby. Suggest you check them out when you are shopping there.

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    I just sign with them today, service was marvelous, the way they handle things is very professional, photo sample was great. the location of the photo shoot shows that the photographer is very professional and I also likes their services.

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    I signed up with them last year as I needed to borrow some outfits from them for my overseas photoshoot. I paid RM3888 for my package.
    Service was excellent but quite strict on extra perks (though it's understandable for the price).
    Recommend to take a look at the indoor studio before signing up. It's not as elaborated as other studios and might be too plain for some.

    Will share more after my own photoshoot in mid year

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    i've done my shot with them.
    finish my photo selection with them too
    currently waiting to go design my album.

    photo was great.

    if you need more info can WA me at 92787900.
    as i seldom log in to forum.

    cheers to all.

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    Our Experience with Castalia Wedding Gallery

    We did quite a number of research on wedding galleries to have our pre-wedding photoshoot and even consulted friends who have done their pre-wedding photography. Having an abundance of selections, we eventually decided to go ahead with Castalia Wedding Gallery! JC and Catherine's promptness and responsiveness in responding to all our queries and requests impressed us as most of the others were pretty impatient after a while.

    My husband and I were very delighted to have a wonderful team working with us throughout our pre-wedding shoot. Eva, our make up artist and hairstylist is extremely skilled and did an awesome job with my awfully short hair and make up. Jay was our photographer alongside with Dyven and Yong Yao who were assisting him throughout. My husband isn't one who takes a lot of pictures and I have been rather rusty from smiling/posing in front of the camera. However, the team made us very comfortable and guided us on all the poses.

    Both of us were extremely tired due to the husband's work emergency the previous night and me still recovering from my bout of flu. Nevertheless, they exuded great patience and accommodated us with all the requests we had, including waiting for us to have our dinner and rest before our last set when it was already quite late (PS: We started at 9am and ended at about 9pm).

    A very big THANK YOU to the team at Castalia for such a wonderful experience. While most will be rushing to finish the job asap, the team did not rush us at all. Eugene and I look forward to selecting our pictures and are very happy with the services provided thus far. ♡

    Should you have further queries, I will be happy to answer them.

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    I find Castalia's after sales service bad. Before I signed up, JC promised everything i asked about can definitely be done which my friends had told me to check about. Eg types of photographs, poses, editing, designing. After sales not quite that good. JC will say certain things cannot be done. Only when I push hard she will try to sort it out. Photographer i got also wasnt great. I showed him pics of poses i want but still blur blue. Super sian. Eva the mua is fabulous though. She seems to be able to create any hairstyle and makeup look that you ask for. She is the only redeeming factor of Castalia

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    Castalia or Dawn Wedding

    Hi All, I went to Castalia, Dawn Wedding and Venus yesterday. Castalia and Dawn Wedding staffs are friendly while Venus can't really be bothered with us, hence I'm shortlisting between Castalia and Dawn. Dawn was actually cheaper than Castalia but I felt the deal is too good to be true, they also said that I can have indoor and outdoor photos but it will only be done in 1 day and not spread over 2 days. Castalia said to do indoors and outdoors, they will do it in 2 days. Just want to know who should I choose? Castalia or Dawn? Thanks a lot.

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