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Thread: Crystal Hair Pin for Sale

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    Crystal Hair Pin for Sale

    Hi brides to be, i bought this crystal hair pin from a bridal shop in Hong Kong. This is a very versatile hair pin. It is bendable along the length wise to fit the shape of your head (you can wrap it around your head or have it stick out for a dramatic effect). The various crystals can also be stretched or bent to make it "wrap" around the length or the width of your head. The metal is also very soft so you can easily use wire cutters to cut it to your desired length.

    I bought this for around $50, cant find the receipt now. Going at $25.

    Feel free to PM me for more pictures if you need. This is the only picture I have now as I have yet to get the photos from the photographer.
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    I am also having my bridal hair style. i did choose Catching Greaser Hair Styles that ar very casual hair style for all programs. you can check below 1 picture. Thanks

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    Crystal Hair Pin

    The wedding day is obviously a special day in your life. This is the day when you dress your best in the suitable outfit that fits your clan or religion. Every bit of your décor, which ranges from the simple item like the shoes to the simplest of things, like a wedding hair pin, needs to be in order for you to get married in satisfaction.
    What kind of a bride are you trying to look like? Or is there some flaw with this question itself? The classic sort of hairdos often recommended would require you to hang flowers from your hair. This might just seem a trifle outdated to you. The ideal option in such cases would be to visit a hairstylist to get your tresses fixed. This visit should be made at least six months before D-day. This ensures that if the stylist and you decide to grow your hair long, you have some time to go about it.
    What is important here is that you assert your own choice regarding your hairdo for the wedding. If in your opinion, you would like to go up on the altar in short hair, go ahead and do it. The fashion that you bear will be a bold statement, if you can pull it off. If you are hell bent on wearing your hair short for the wedding there are ways of going about this. If you have long hair, then you need to apply adequate sprays to consolidate it and then hold it up by hair pins for weddings.
    Expensive stones like rubies, emeralds and diamonds are now frequently found on hairpins. There is huge influx of a wide range of designs that have filled the jewelry stores you visit. There are both cheap ones and expensive ones. In fact, there is a careful attention paid to the specific designer elements on these pieces of jewelry that render them absolutely desirable. Thus, in order to flaunt your tresses on the most important day of your life, pay adequate attention when settling for wedding hair pins.

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