I have completed my pre-wedding shoot with Tiffany last November 2019, and would just like to share with everyone on the great experience that we had with then from the first day we signed our package.

We signed up the package with them at a roadshow in Singapore. Initially we only wanted to understand how much a package would cost and what to expect from an overseas PWS. We certainly did not expect to make a decision that quickly as we ended up signing the package there and then as the staffs (Evan and Lilian) were very patient with us and answered all our questions and doubts, making us feel assured that we would enjoy ourselves in the process. During the discussion, they showed us their collection of photos taken by their photographers, and we instantly spotted a number of beautiful ones with the style and feel we wanted. Through the photos we could also tell that they have a pretty good collection of gowns with different styles to select from, to which they did not disappoint us when we went for gown selection later on.

We signed the package with them in December 2018 and later planned our PWS to be in November 2019. Throughout this entire period, we came across many questions as we were pretty anxious for our photoshoot. We went on to clarify with them through messages to which they responded to us promptly and provided the information that we needed to know. We had also gone down to their other roadshows a couple of times as we thought that clarifying our questions face to face would be easier too. They were really nice and patient with us on this as we really asked a lot even on small details. Most importantly, they asked us and understand on what are our expectations (i.e what style and locations we like) and they recommended the photographer based on our preferences.

Prior to the day that we flew over to Taichung, they followed up with sending us reminders and things to take note of once again. They also helped arrange for our transport from Taichung HSR station to our hotel on the day we arrived.

Fast forward to the day of gown selection, we had a great gown-fitting experience with Qing Wen who had really put in the effort to find a suitable gown based on our preferences. It certainly reduced the supposedly long-draw process of choosing a gown by ourselves. After which, we met up with our photographer to discuss on the locations and type of gowns to go with for the locations and we were very impressed with their arrangements.

During the photoshoot, we were assigned to a team that really took care of our needs and helped us along the way to a pleasant, fun and great experience. The team was very professional and we were very glad that the whole photoshoot went by smoothly and wasn’t as tiring as we thought due to their great support (We went to the beach for photoshoot albeit the strong winds but the entire team stayed professional throughout.) At the end of the day, they bought us a meal which was really delicious and we think it is the best braised pork rice (卤肉饭) we have tasted in Taiwan.

We spent the next day choosing photos, photo frames and photo album. The service was kept at top-notch although we took more than 4 hours choosing as all the photos were really beautifully taken and we had difficulties choosing them. We were really satisfied and happy with the photographer’s work for capturing the beautiful photos. There was no hard-selling involved throughout the entire process.

All in all, the staffs were really friendly and wonderful, and I find that it is really worth to have them for our PWS!