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Thread: Review on Wedding / Bridal shop in Johor Bahru

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    Any reviews on De Joyce Wedding? Deciding between Dgio Bridal Cafe and De Joyce Wedding ...

    Any comments or brides from the above?

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    Quote Originally Posted by malybride View Post
    Any reviews on De Joyce Wedding? Deciding between Dgio Bridal Cafe and De Joyce Wedding ...

    Any comments or brides from the above?

    I signed up with dgio Bridal cafe as I am very comfortable, had did the PS with them so far I am quite happy. De Joyce is also very popular among Singaporean. Which did you sign?

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    If we book a bridal package in JB, is it possible to have the outdoor shoot done in Singapore?

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    Has anyone recently taken a look at the packages these few bridal shops offer? Is 25 poses, 10 pges for a basic package considered too little?

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    Like to find out more about Castalia Wedding Gallery? Anyone signed up with them?

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    How is Dolce vita bridal @ JB City Square? I am quite interested in them? Any updated reviews

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    It's about S$2000 on average (exclude actual day photography and videography)

    I recently finished pre-wedding photography with Venus Bridal and I only have good things to say about them!!! Highly recommended! You can read my review here [IMG]http://********************/weddingforum/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png[/IMG]

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    Mondore Bridal JB

    Signed Mondore Bridal package during a fair at KSL JB @RM5000 w/o GST. The service and quality really disappoint me. I signed the package because of the "secret base" as they claimed but when we reached there, it is just a kampung place.

    On my gown choosing day, the lady helping me was just there to literally "help" me wearing; no suggestions on what new gowns they have even though I told her what I wanted; her reply was "Don't have that kind" (brushing me off so that she can finish her work early?). She didn't even want to show my hubby on their suits, forced him to choose only on the shooting day. This is very unfriendly as we will need to buy shirts and pants for matching.

    Later, I found out actually they have newer designs gowns, asked them and their reply was "maybe it was sent out for washing on that day" (wth then you said don't have).

    Their gowns are VERY limited and all in old designs; photographer taught you old poses; old indoor backgrounds; everything are so old in style.

    Asked if the pic can be edited to the color theme that i like; as usual, the answer was "cannot, only minor editing can be done eg. remove wrinkles, slimming your hand like meitu". What is the era now? Ppl can even edit the whole scene into a pic or a super fat lady into a super slim model, if you only can do meitu i think i don't need to hire you for my shooting, i can meitu it myself.

    I am totally sad and regret that I have chosen Mondore Bridal JB and feel like going for another shop for shooting again. Wasted my money and time on the bad services and quality.

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    McQueez Creative in JB

    Hi all, just want to share my experience with the JB wedding boutique, actually I have this 3 shop in list was introduce from my friend. So I went to 3 bridal boutique which in my list, Isadora bridal, Castalia gallery, and Mcqueez creative. end up I decide to choose Mcqueez, my consultant Beverly and Sharon given me was very friendly whereby not like the other 2 which I feel like they are pushing their higher package.

    Beverly and Sharon really understand what we needs, they are also very friendly and humorous at the same time, they give us chance to voice our opinion and me and my fiancée feel very comfortable, as you all may know, most of us first time get married knows nothing and a lot of question , but they were very patient and show us the sample photo to discuss what kind of style suitable for us.

    Mcqueez photographer is very professional, when me and my fiancée discuss with him for the kind of what we like, he give us a lot of idea which we don’t even think about that, also from the photo sample I look, by looking at the photo is like you can feel the love in picture, I must say the photographer make the picture come alive.

    And the most important things that I like also is they had a wide range of gown, I think all of the couple quite worry about the gown, most of place have to additional top up for the vip rate , at here although we only sign their local outdoor package, the gown is open to choose off-the-rate even though I would like to choose their designer gown with full lace or swarovski series .Thats my concern because my fiancée love the ang mo type, she always thinking of her dreamy type of gown, after she discuss with Beverly and Sharon they had take few gown to show my fiancee, after see their gown we definitely decide to sign up with them.

    I will definitely recommend my friends visit Mcqueez.

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