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We had the most amazing experience at "Ivy Bride" The service is incredible, they have a very good selection of bridesmaid dresses in many, many, colors & design. And there's even an in-house seamstress, which is very convenient, where they will instantly alter the dress so that you get the perfect fit.

Kelly (Manager) ,was a pleasure to work with. She responded to our emails, texts on a timely manner, she is extremely amazing and professional. You can tell she really loves what she does and truly cares about the bride. She put us at ease and made it a fun experience.

Candy, (MAU) was efficient and I couldn't be more pleased with how my makeup turned out. During the shoot she make sure that both our make up and hair are well taken care of.

Chen Sir, (Photographer) who truly captured the emotion of joy, laughter, and love. He is such a genuine person who absolutely adores his job! The pictures we got are amazing.

Bo Xie, (Lighting man) making sure that the camera flash is working properly and also cracks joke to make us laugh throughout the shoot and even help us with the poses.

Vivian, (Assistant) coordinating the photos selection, packing our items securely and neatly. Assisting us with all our needs.

This whole team was such a pleasure to work with and we can't say enough great things about them! If you're reading this review and still contemplating if you should choose "Ivy Bride" for your wedding photo shoot, stop thinking and book them fast! This is the best decision you will make for your wedding! This was our biggest investment for our wedding but they were definitely worth it! Their professionalism is very impressive!!!

We absolutely love the pictures!! The customer service was great too. The booking process was easy and fast.

A very big thank you to you guys for the excellent services you guys had provided to us! They have definitely exceeded our expectations!!

We're so excited to get our wedding album!!!!

Ps: Thank you for having such a wonderful place to call “home” away from home. We loved our photos & enjoyed the services provided tremendously.

拍攝日期: 13/9/2015
門市:Kelly 姐
攝影師: 陳 Sir
燈光師: 柏毅哥哥
化妝師: Candy 老師



我們是三年前在新加坡逛購物商場的時候無意中經過"艾葳婚紗"的展覽區。一開始的时候我们根本没有想要签下 拍摄配套,可是翻看了相本就被那典雅華麗的照片及艾葳家族的專業,貼心服務態度和吸引住了。

拖了幾年,今年想要来台湾旅行就開始聯絡,選擇檔期,副总Kelly姐非常有專業,非常有耐心地回答我們所 有的問題,回覆也非常快。出發前還會提醒的們很多注意事項!!

我們到達台北的第一天,Kelly姐就帶我們去吃午餐然後再到婚紗店溝通跟選禮服,禮服小姐非常有禮貌。我 試了很多衣服,試了差不多2小時呢。禮服小姐非常耐心的協助的穿衣,真的辛苦她啦!!


第二天9點就要到艾葳化妝,造型師Candy 老師是的指定的,她真的很棒,為我造了6個很漂亮的造型!!

整個拍攝過程都令我倆好難忘,很開心,留下很多美好回憶,一點都不覺得拍攝辛苦,我們倆也非常亨受整過拍攝 過程。真的很感謝每位艾葳婚紗同事為我們所付出的努力,為我們拍攝一輯精彩美麗的婚紗照,真的 謝謝你們呵!


你真的很專業,很有自己的拍攝風格。我們拍照都比較生硬,手跟腳都不懂怎麼放,但經過你拍攝後都變得很自然 ,照片拍得好浪漫呢!!真的非常感謝你!

你在整個拍攝當日所付出的努力跟勞力,幫我們提行李及道具,跑來跑去,教我擺pose ,辛苦你了。你還要逗我們笑,令我們變得輕鬆,真的謝謝你!!

3)化妝師:Candy 老師
非常專業的一位造型師,技巧純熟,動作也很快,讓我成為了一天的美女。每拍一個鏡頭,只有頭髮有一點點的亂 了,你也會走過來幫的弄一弄,真的很細心呢!!

4) 助理:Vivian 姐

我只能說看到照片時,有可愛活潑、性感,浪漫羞怯、時尚的韓風,都是我們要的,完全物超所值,加一百個讚, 要選照片時,更讓人內心煎熬。


回家的時候,助手Vivian 和 Kelly 姐,還帶我們去吃午餐然後細心的把我們的物件都包紮好讓我們很容易的check-in. 真的是太棒了啦,頂級的服務水平真的要在艾葳才能體驗。

真的是一群很熱愛工作的大家族,選照片的時候我突然頭痛,Kelly姐就立刻到便利商店買止痛藥給我,都把 我們照顧得無微不至