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Thread: Looking for wedding emcee?!! =)

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    Cool Looking for wedding emcee?!! =)

    Wendy Vanessa Yew is a veteran performance artist and effectively trilingual emcee a.k.a. show host. Wendy is well versed in both Mandarin, English. She is sought after for her bilingual or even trilingual hosting services. Being based in Shanghai for 4 years, she can speak Mandarin with different accents based on the nature of the audience. Along side she also host in Cantonese and Hokkien dialects too.The combination of her bubby personality and her “audience-motivator” presence, on stage she ensures that the events she hosts is a memorable one and leave a great impact to her audience.
    She has been seen appearing on local TV drama series and featured on TV, newspaper and magazines.Her successful clients includes : SK II, Essilor, Sony Ericsson, Magnum, Rainbow International,M1, National Technology University, Singapore Island Country Club just to name a few. Some of her greatest achivement is hosting National Day Parade Live Telecast, event with appearance of former Singapore President-S.R.Nathan, current Singapore President-Tony Tan, Prime Minister-Lee Hsien Loong, Prince Of Monaco-Prince Albert II’s Gala Event.
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