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Thread: Looking for Actual Day Photographer + Videographer

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    I have sent email to you .. check it out


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    Do not leave your wedding's precious memories to an amature photographer (Singapore has plenty of them!). Being a good hobby photographer is not enough. A wedding photographer knows what key shots to look out for at every wedding and will also be always on the lookout for fleeting magical moments.

    What is our style?
    It is hard to define our style of wedding photography as every Singaporean wedding is different. What differentiates a good photographer from a great one is not just talent, it is hard work. Every wedding is important to us. We will go the extra mile for every single photo, explore every single angle, to deliver photos that will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye for years to come. Having been in the business for as long as we have, we are known to unlock all the best angles every popular Singapore wedding venue has to offer. Contact us now for an obligation free quotation.

    Full day photography (From 6am to 11pm)
    *Full edited high resolution images on DVD
    *Table to table photography
    *300 x 4R Photo Album
    *Complimentary Childhood Montage


    Video Gold Package(SGD$1,550)
    Express highlight, Unedited Full Video Coverage + Music Video DVD
    Aside from a professional looking Music Video, we will also make sure that your wedding will be fully covered in a separate video where it is uncut, un-edited.
    Package includes:
    * 16:9 Widescreen format for that cinematic effect
    * Express Highlight Music Video
    * Unedited Full Video Coverage
    * DVDs with case, label and cover containing the music video and the Full Coverage DVD.

    *Note- Video Portfolio links will be given VIA emails upon request as video productions are more sensitive and we respect our clients intimate moments.

    Instant printing of photos at weddings
    Instant photos! A popular request we are happy to oblige. We charge by the hour and they are a "top up" or optional add on to your wedding package. What makes us different from many of the other photography companies that offer this is our hardware! We have studio lights, we do props, even our printer is bad ass! Our printer 22kg, fast as hell, printer can print out 1 photo every 5 seconds and make the selphy printers you see other photographers use look like toddler toys.
    1 x printing station with unlimited 4R prints
    1 x graphic artist assistant
    Inclusive of custom design of digital frame
    Customised speech bubbles and props (on request)
    1 x studio light set (on request)

    2 hours: $700
    3 hours: $900
    4 hours: $1100


    Prices are based vague, we hope to meet up with all our clients and show them our work and to understand the needs of our clients so as to better tailor the packages.

    As always, there are no obligations in buying our services, and you can consider our proposal for up to a week.

    ***5% off will be given for couples that made bookings by 10 JAN 2013!
    Warmest Regards,
    Alpha Poh
    SG Media
    60 Jalan Simpang Bedok
    SGMEDIA | Singapore Photos | Wedding Photography Singapore |Wedding Videography Singapore
    Mobile: 92219378

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    Singapore +65 91146566
    Johore / Kuala Lumpur +6016 9260557


    Kindly visit and support our page:

    Please click below for more portflio:

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    Wedding Photography


    Mobile number: 9745 0175

    Website: Wedding Photographer Singapore | Dphotofolio

    Portfolio: Testimonials for Dphotofolio
    Attached Images Attached Images     

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