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Thread: Proposal Ring

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    This is the one from online

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luth View Post
    Hi all. Just sharing my experience of buying diamond online and locally. I bought my diamond [0.7ct E VVS1] online but was quite dissapointing. It was like a dull crystal and didn't bling at all. After doing some research, I realised it was because of light leakages. Apparently, the diamond certificate will not tell you if it has light leakages. Even though the certifcate says the Cut is Excellent, it can still have light leakages. Summore, mine was ''Signature Ideal cut''. Good thing about online is that they have a 30 days return policy and I managed to get a refund. You will just lose out on the shipping and possible tax and credit card exchange rate.

    In the end, I returned the diamond and got a Super ideal cut [0.7ct F VS2] from Jannpaul. The cut is much better and cheaper. It was about 2k difference. Though I sacrificed for a lower color and clarity, the diamond was still much brighter and more bling than the other one. I realised color and clarity is not as important.. A better cut will make the diamond brighter = whiter. There's really no point going for the best color and clarity if the diamond got light leakages. IMO, concentrate on the cut, lower the color and clarity and use the rest of the budget to increase the size.

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    This is the diamond I got from Jannpaul.. its on a diamond clip. Only thing left is to customised the ring.

    Its all about the Cut. That's what I've been trying to tell my friends too!

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    Where to buy diamond cheap online in Singapore? How trustworthy are they?

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    Any recommendation on where to buy the best and cheap deals for wedding rings in Singapore?

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