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Thread: What's the Name of Restaurant preparing the food for Concorde Hotel (ex Le-Merdien)??

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    What's the Name of Restaurant preparing the food for Concorde Hotel (ex Le-Merdien)??

    Can someone pls tell me what is the Name of the Restaurant preparing the wedding dinner food for Concorde Hotel? I went down to the hotel but I did not see any restaurant name provided. They have cooks preparing the food but no one knows the name of the restaurant or chef. Have anyone of you or your friends ever attended Concorde's wedding dinner or lunch pls let me know? And I need feedbacks from you guys on the food tasting or service of the staffs during the event. You may either wish to reply here or PM me at

    Many thanks!

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    Unlike other hotels, I dun think they have a restaurant that prepare their food.

    It is likey just prepared by the hotel kitchen.

    The only hotel that I inquire that give me the answer to my question is Orchard Hotel where the food is from infamous Hua Ting restaurant which is their "trademark" for their wedding banquet.

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