Hi All,

Will be selling away a bridal package from Yvonne Creative at SGD3388 NETT.

This package is available till 8th April 2023 (5yrs).

Package details are as follows,

Actual Day:
1) Wedding Gown - 1pc
-Off the rack
-Free open choice
-Free add on
2) Evening Gown - 1pc
-Off the rack
-Free open choice
-Free add on
3) Tea dress / Kua - 1pc (Additional Perks)
4) Men's Suit - 2 sets (Additional Perks - original only 1 set)
5) Makeup & Hairdo - 2 sessions + 1 trial
6) Bridal Car Decoration - 1 set (with following car ribbons - no limit)
7) Fresh flower bouquet - 1x
8) Fresh flower corsages - 6x (2x for groom and 4x for both side parents)
9) Father's Jacket - 2pcs (Additional Perks)
10) Bridesmaid wristband - 4 to 6pcs (Additional Perks)

Pre Wedding Photography (Indoor & Outdoor):
1) Gowns - 3pcs (Inclusive of Actual Day Gowns)
2) Men's Suits - 1set (Inclusive of Actual Day Suit)
3) Make up & Hairdo - Indoor (Outdoor add SGD250)
4) Photography - 1day (10am to 8pm, Singapore)
- No additional cost for night shoot (Original is SGD200 - Waived)
- Original is 10am to 7pm (Additional 1hr)
Photography Entitlements
1) Wedding Album (12"x15") - 38poses
- Orginal 30poses (Additional 8pcs extra)
2) Wedding Portrait (20"x24" or 3 in 1) - 1pc
3) Selected Poses in digital format
4) Poster (40") - 1pc (Additional Perks)
5) Additional photos at SGD70 per pc (Original price is SGD85 per pc)

This is a good deal!
- Deposit paid at SGD1000 only
- Nett price, without tax or service charge
- Able to secure this package price till 8th April 2023 (bridal packages price is increasing over the years)
- Yvonne Creative has been in this trade for over 30years
- All gowns were made by Yvonne herself, any add on or modification to the gown is FOC
- Original package price was SGD4588. Managed to get a overall discount of SGD1200 (Only able to get this price after confirming banquet at a hotel's wedding fair at less SGD1088. Additional is due to goodwill diacount from Yvonne Creative after negotiation)

Do reach out to us if you are interested.

Thank you.