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    Angry Urgent advice needed

    I need urgent advice on how to deal with my pre-wedding photographer.

    We paid a substantial amount for a Paris shoot, 50% during engagement and remaining 50% before the shoot commences. The shoot was packaged with the makeup services.

    The photographer was all friendly etc before we engaged him. However, we received a sub-standard makeup service standard during the shoot coupled with bad attitude from the photographer when we received the raw pics. During whole shoot, there was minimal touch up to the makeup (in fact there was no touch up during day 1) and the products used are wide-range such as majorlica eyeliner?!!

    I don't know whether it is the norm but my eyebrows and eyeliner were not extended during the makeup and the type of fake lashes (one layer btw), put on me, was the type that I can easily purchase from sasa. There was no underliner drawn on me and for day 1 the eyeliner shape that was drawn on my eyes doesnt suit me (draw with a wing) when my eyes are already cat-eyed shape. When I told the MUA, the photographer and MUA insisted that it suited me. In addition, I was v uncomfortable in the hairstyle given to me. However, during the second day of shoot, they changed the way my eye makeup was drawn and the hairstyle to what I have suggested before.

    When we received the raw pics, we were in shock as it turned out that the makeup and hairstyle for day 1 did not suit me at all. Also, there are v obvious makeup flaws which can be spotted from the raw pics in both days which we pointed to the photographer when we received the raw pics. There were minimal bronzing and contouring done. And I looked pale as ghost with minimal makeup on day 1.

    I was in distressed and cried over the raw pics when we just received them as I have never seen such "standard" of makeup or photos of myself - my friends commented that my own makeup is way better than the makeup artist. No wonder when I asked for trial makeup when we were in SG, the photographer said his wife doesnt do trial makeups!

    When we confronted the photographer about our concerns, he gave some bullsh** that he ordered the makeup artist, i.e. his wife, to put heavy makeup on the earlier bride on the same trip as she is ugly to start with and I only needed light makeup. He also asked us to give him a chance as these could be rectified with photoshop.

    So, we went ahead to select the pics for him to edit. When we received the edited pics, some of the selected pics were deleted (photographer made decisions himself without notifying us), reason being that they dont fit in the album. In addition, we note from the edited pics that only the background colour of the pics were edited - there were no edits to the makeup whatsoever. Those pics with v obvious makeup flaws, he deleted them.

    I am on invisalign/braces currently, which means i hv extracted some back tooth to rectify the teeth etc, and a small gap between back upper tooth can be seen if the pics show my side profile. When we were engaging him, he said those small gaps can be easily filled up with photoshop. However, we were shocked that he didn't edit it in some pics while some other pics he have done it. Obviously, he has missed out the editing and didnt check his work before he send us the edited pics. Hence, we concluded that he delivered sub-standard work to us. When I text him about it, he gave an amazingly rude reply that "since when it is the responsibility of the photographer to be a dentist?"

    This is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even request him to whiten the teeth.

    Can anyone tell me what I can do about this? My wedding is in the next few months and this is getting nowhere with the kind of attitude we are receiving. He doesn't have any manners to meet us to discuss the problems we are facing and everything are by email/phone/whatsapp and he has not replied to our whatsapp msgs but appears to be using whatsapp based on his last seen time.

    I have some friends in the legal industry and was advised to file a small claim with the small claims tribunal. Is there any other way to handle this?

    These kind of work and attitude came from an "award-winning" "professional" photographer and considering that the amount that we paid, we could have two separate shoots already.

    Hence, please choose your photographer CAREFULLY. And, better to request for trial makeup or works of the makeup artist before the shoot.

    I am not disclosing the name of the photographer since we are still in the midst of dealing with him.

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    So any update on this? I am curious if you managed to resolve this. Hope everything turned out well for you

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    This kinda photographer is so stressing any bride to be out Hope that your wedding photos and actual wedding turned out well.

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    Wedding Photographer

    Really Depressing! Some guys are really keep mess in their mind which is reflected in their work. If you are hiring anyone, you should check their work first and speak to the people with whom recently they worked. I hope your wedding shoot gone well.


    Jagmeet Singh
    Fateh Productions

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