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Thread: Wedding photography singapore rates

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    What is the market rates for actual day photography? I am wondering to engage the bridal studio to do it or a freelancer

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    AD photography can go anywhere from $500 to $3000, depending on the experience and reputation of the photographer. So $500 could be someone who is less experienced and still trying to build his portfolio.

    I think most importantly have a budget and look for photographers within that range.

    I have a dilemma leh. Normally an ok Photographer + videographer will be close to about $3000... but I found two photographers about $1000+ only who will provide morning highlights montage for the banquet so that I don't need a videographer. Should I take it?

    I actually don't know what the video is for also.... it's not as if I will ever watch the video again (no time). But my friends are saying it's normal to have videographer. My bf and I think video is a waste of money cos we only need him for the highlights video for banquet.

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    Whatever u decide.. just have no regrets.. cause there is no 2nd take..
    If you thinking to hire a cheaper a PG/VG, then must be able to accept so-so photos/video only.. if cannot accept then better pay a bit more for someone reputable or have more experience
    If you think you won't regret 1 day not having a video of your wedding then its ok not to hire a VG..

    I once thought the same as you and I almost didnt hire a VG.. but I'm glad I did in the end.. cause things that the PG may have missed out on was captured on the video..
    cos they have different angles.. For example.. the PG captured me & my husband faces as he put on the ring on me.. whereas the VG zoomed in on our fingers and the actual motion of him putting the ring on for me..

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    Hi we offer affordable prices for our actual day photography & videography service. We are also the first in Singapore to offer 4K Ultra HD wedding videos! Drop us an email at or visit our website at Wedding Photography Videography for our portfolio!

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    I was quoted $3000 for full day videography, what is the market rates?

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    Its subjective. depend on the videographer's skills and quality of work. For 3k, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of medium tier videographers. if you top up a little more, you will get the higher tiered videographers.

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    You can check out the rates for videography rates and packages in Singapore below

    Wedding Videography Packages and Prices in Singapore

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    Kelka Actual day Photography & Cinematography Services!

    Greeting from Kelka Photography! We would like to offer you our professional services to help preserving the best day in your life!

    Our package comes with the following:
    - 1x professional photographer
    - 2x award winning cinematographers
    - Retouching on all photos
    - All high resolution photos returned in a USB
    - 1x selected 8R photo with frame
    - Full day video highlights
    - Personalised DVD album

    Here are some photos to let you see if you like us.
    Name:  Dung&AnniePrewed0351 1.jpg
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Size:  42.2 KB
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    Let me know if you would like to hear more from us!
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