Learn to play a song using guitar or piano specially for your one and only love during proposal or wedding dinner! Surprise your true love by singing a song she/he loves! It's romantic! It's meaningful! It's special! Such Wedding Song Dedication Course is Musically Music's exclusive! ONLY 5 LESSONS REQUIRED! Make song dedication by yourself during your VERY OWN wedding night/proposal a reality now! Remember you are the highlight during your big day, not those wedding singers!

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Dedication Guitar Course :Special Courses(Just 5 lessons!) | Musically Music

Musically Music: The unique way to express everlasting true love

WHY choose Musically Music?

  • Complimentary music material
  • No monthly school fee ( Uniquely Musically Music )
  • Pay-per-lesson basis ( Uniquely Musically Music )
  • Flexible lesson timing
  • Option to stop lesson anytime
  • Instruments and equipment all provided
  • Friendly and passionate music teacher
  • Customized material for learning specific songs of interest
  • Quiet learning environment
  • Option to learn either classical or popular music
  • Flexibility to switch between guitar and ukulele lesson
  • LOW Costs

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Our past students have successful proposal/wedding banquets performance which have been recorded as a testimony to their successes and ultimately our success! Upon request, videos of our past students can be shown to new students! 100% satisfaction guaranteed