How many times have you heard someone say 'That was the best wedding they have been to?' Well, probably not as often as you would like to hear or say to yourself.

When it comes to your time, wouldn’t you like to change people's minds on what they going to say about your Wedding Event? Wouldn’t you want to leave your wedding Guests buzzing and TALKING about your wedding for months to come?

Basically you can tell which weddings were carefully planned and well choreographed. From the smallest detail to its grandest moment. Extraordinary weddings don’t just happen, they are cleverly thought out. The Best Weddings ever created, is where the Bride and Groom really thought about their guests. They must make sure that their guests were comfortable and that everyone could have a good time.

Good friends, good food, good music and most of all the Perfect Wedding Emcee and Wedding Event Coordinator. Because in your dreams every family moment matters. Be a guest at your own wedding.

The Perfect Wedding Emcee will facilitate and choreograph your wedding day to the latter. We know the fundamentals of a successful event. Good weddings are made by a fun couple - who wants to have fun with all their relatives and friends. You want to make your day the most memorable and also to create a stand out wedding event.

The most important thing is to make it fun, unique and personal - that is what makes a wedding memorable for you and for all guests. Surprise all your guests with something unique and different during your reception. Keep your wedding alive and buzzing with maximum entertainment and fun through out the night.

The key to this wow effect is something called engagement. To engage means 'to occupy the attention of someone' or to ' attract and please ' - its what happens when you really into what you are doing.

When your guests are engaged and involved in the events of your wedding - they get active and interested. They have fun - and so do you. The more you involve your guests, the more it works and the more unique and fun your wedding becomes.

Why does the Association for Bridal Consultants recognize Aaron d'Almeida for his event hosting abilities? What makes him so different from every other wedding emcee?

There are 3 levels on which Aaron engages your guests.
- Physically, Mentally, Emotionally

1. In the physical, he engages them in Action. He gets the guests to participate.
2. In the Mental aspects, he engages them in thought. That’s where the content of talk comes into play.
3. Engages them in Emotion - He gets your guests involved and invested in the events of your wedding.

Aaron's vision for creativity is his own personal style. Driven by an inherent passion to create The Perfect Wedding Experience. To better serve the needs of our newly weds.

He is meticulous about every detail that goes into his work. Aaron has set a standard for Wedding Excellence and also as an Emcee. He presents to his wedding couples all that they deserve.

Born2talk Wedding Events Team provides services and manages each project from conceptualities, execution to completion. Other services render includes:
1. Wedding Event Manager
2. On-Day Coordinator
2. Wedding DJ
3. Event Sound and Lights System
4. Wedding Cinematic Videography

We create what we believe in and communicate it to the audience for an unforgettable experience.

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