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Thread: Wedding Planner Recommendation in Singapore?

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    I heard of Scarlett and Chere Wedding & parties as well

    We finally decide to engage a friend to help us in our wedding

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    Hi all

    Good day. my name is Myron Yeo and I am writing from Butterflies and Cakes.

    We provide Free Wedding Planning services under our Full Wedding Packages. Under our Full Wedding Packages, we offer payments via monthly installments. *For example, the budget for the wedding is SGD$40,000.00 no more no less. We would work around the SGD$40,000.00 budget and if your wedding is 10 months later, every month payment is only $4000 and not to worry no interest is incl . Butterflies and Cakes would pay all the ancillaries for the couple first like 50% deposits for photographers, videographers, venue, etc.

    *Of cause if your wedding is in 2 years time, your monthly payment will be broken down to even a cheaper cost

    We will let the work show what we can do for you

    feel free to take a look on our Wedding couple's decor Butterflies and Cakes | Facebook

    Feel free to drop me a mail @ for more enquiry

    We work with our couple's budget for your Big Day. hope to hear from you guys soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by caztanzaa View Post
    Hi MarryingSoon,
    How did your wedding go? Which planner you ended up using & are you happy with them?
    My situation is similar to yours. We are in Australia, but are planning to have our wedding in Singapore early 2013.

    I've done some research and found a few planners:
    - Chere Wedding & Parties
    - Eternally Yours
    - Scarlett
    - Diary Design Wedding

    Does anyone have any experience with any of the above planners?
    Hello there caztanzaa!

    Congrats on your engagement!

    We are from a wedding planning company that specializes in "House Restaurant Weddings", and we tie up with several house restaurants to provide a different experience for weddings in Singapore! Personally I feel that restaurants provide a more warm and cozy atmosphere, so it's best suited for smaller and more intimate weddings or solemnization. You can have the exclusive use of the entire restaurant for your wedding and have the wedding as though you're at home, with kids playing in a comfortable corner, family members enjoying a hearty meal and friends gathering around the bar counter or garden terrace with some cocktails! Just like a big family gathering for your relatives and close friends!

    Of course, if you wish to hold your wedding at any other venues, we'll be happy to help you with the planning as well!

    I'll be more than happy to send you our portfolio with more on our services for your consideration. Please feel free to PM me or contact us directly at (+65) 6887 3828 or mail to if you are keen.

    You can also check out for more images!

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    Hi all, I have a bridal package with (optional add on) of wedding planning service by a very experienced wedding planner to let go. The wedding planner had been featured in many media sources. Prices of package with the wedding planning service is <6000 which include your wedding album plus all gowns/suits etc, so no need to worry at all. Do PM me if you are interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsHubson View Post
    Hi PufferFish,

    I was quoted 2K for a wedding planner recommended a friend. This cost exclude actual day coordination. With actual day coordination, it will be an extra 1K. This is a special rate given.

    Why me and hubby decide to engage a wedding planner is because both of us are tied up with our work and with a wedding planner can help to plan our wedding from GDL, booking of hotel, traditional matters, invite list, budgeting, booking of wedding venues, services and coordinate with vendors and BS etc. We tell her our budget and she plan according.

    Most wedding planners that we talk to have contacts in the wedding industry such as photography, florist, Bridal Studio, caterer, wedding car driver, videographer so we need not be bother with looking for all those vendors ourselves.

    It also help to give our friends a break during the AD, we dun wish to stress our friends on the actual day with all the coordination
    Hi Dear,

    Can you pm me your wedding planner?

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    Someone please pm their wedding planner as well

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    Hello there BTBs!

    We are a wedding planning company with Japanese roots. And for us, we think that wedding is the once in a lifetime opportunity where you can gather your loved ones, friends and relatives all at once. And to convey your joyous feelings and gratitude towards every one of them is the most important.

    It's more than just about having the most gorgeous decorations. We want to help you to create that human touch at your wedding to make it one that every important guest of yours will always remember.

    Wedding Planning Professionals
    Our planners are professionally trained by wedding specialists from Japan who are extremely attentive to details so you can put your minds at ease when you entrust your important day to us We can even bring in wedding favors, hair accessories from Japan for our couples!

    Our planning services are at a flat rate, and we do not charge by number of consultations/hours etc.

    Please feel free to PM me or mail to if any of you will be keen in our services.

    You can visit our website ETERNAL EMOTION|Singapore Wedding or our Facebook page for more pictures!
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    For couples who are not sure how to go about starting to plan your wedding, or are still in the midst of sourcing for a venue, we provide weekly consultations for couples as well!

    We have a couple of tie-up restaurants that provide an entirely different ambience for your wedding, and we'll be happy to arrange site visits for you to go down to these venues during the consultations, and see if it suits that you are looking for!

    Here are some lovely venues that we'd usually recommend our couples to hold their wedding at:

    Please email to us at or check out Wedding Fair|ETERNAL EMOTION|Singapore Wedding to book an appt for the consultations and find out more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wendykoh View Post
    Someone please pm their wedding planner as well
    I have PM you my friend who does this wedding planning thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by QinQin View Post
    I have PM you my friend who does this wedding planning thing
    Thank you got it. Did you use this wedding planner as well?

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