Dear newlyweds-to-be,

I am offering freelance weddingplanner services!

Having successfully managed numerous couple friend's weddings/solemnisations, received multiple compliments & encouragements from the them, whom I've managed their big day made me realised my true passion for planning/excuting one so it's high time I bring myself to the next level!

Weddings can be an extremely stressful journey for some. From deciding the big stuffs (right gown/suit, banquet packages, photographer, etc) to the little knick knacks (table arrangements, time management, sequence flow, etc) just to achieve that perfect moment for D day.

Many a times, I've also noticed how this could be strenous to a couple's relationship but I strongly believe that this is the day where you should look your absolute best & feel most relaxed. We all just need that extra pair of hands...

That is why I'm offering my services today! Whether you need help right from the start of the preparation phase or just the execution on D day, I will sit down with you to understand your needs & guide/assist you all the way. Making your big day a seamless & wonderful journey!

As this is purely my passion, I'm keeping charges to a minimal cost, depending on your needs. So why not give my service a try & give yourself a beautiful wedding!

PM or email me at to find out more!