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Thread: Wedding Planner Singapore

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    Everyone can try to download the following wedding planning guide.

    It state down what need to do from day one to your actual day
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    Quote Originally Posted by GinGin View Post
    I dun think $3K is enough. Mine friend engaged one and it cost her around $6K plus
    I got my wedding planner from indulgz weddings for less than 3k, find her really sincere n attentive. Found her on YouTube with my soleminizer's comments "" pm me if you want to know her contact n price I got.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lRaiNel View Post
    Actually, its possible to engage a planner with a budget of $3k. There are many planners around these days. You just have to find the right one. One whom, you're comfortable to work with.

    I got mine at around that amount. I think there are a few others around in the forum, saying that they paid about $2k for theirs too. As long as you're not looking for the really popular planners around, its possible to keep it around the budget.

    As you know, prices comes with name. It also doesn't mean that the not so famous ones are no good. Its finding someone whom you like and is comfortable with.

    I can recommend mine to you, if you're interested. I'll drop you a pm.
    can you please pm me as well your wedding planner, TQ~

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    3k? That really unbelievably cheap for a wedding planner

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    I think $2k or within $3k able find a wedding planner as my frens recommend their planner to me at a rate of ard $2K

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    $2K is cheap, how is her service and what are they normally responsible for?

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    Hi, any recommendation for wedding planner? Can email me at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetbee View Post
    I got my wedding planner from indulgz weddings for less than 3k, find her really sincere n attentive.
    Did you use her?

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    hi, i'm looking out for wedding planners as well - can you kindly PM me your recommendations as well? thanks!!!!!!

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    I thought planning wedding is fun, why engage a wedding planner?

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