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Thread: Wedding Planner Singapore

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    Please pm me contact for wedding planner thks!

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    Red face Buttterflies and Cakes

    Dear BTB and HTB

    Good day. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Myron Yeo and I am writing from Butterflies and Cakes.

    Butterflies and Cakes,we are a Wedding Support Props House that provides actual and accurately detailed sets, scenery, staging and props for Weddings. With more than 7000+ (and growing) props and staging we can provide either rental or custom build solutions to enhance your wedding atmosphere.

    Here are our Top 4 Packages we are offering right now:

    1. Decor Packages

    2. Wedding Planning Packages

    3. Decor + Wedding Planning Packages

    4. Full Wedding Packages

    All packages are included with free wedding planning services.

    Feel free to check us out @

    Alternatively you can contact me : or 96178785.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pavis View Post
    Everyone can try to download the following wedding planning guide.

    It state down what need to do from day one to your actual day
    Thank you

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    guys i've got complementary wedding workshop passes to give away that i've received as a gift. but i'm married and most of my friends are too! pls text me at 91818080 and i'll call u back. don't want to waste this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holly View Post
    Thank you
    You are most welcomed

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    Hi IraiNel,

    Do you mind sharing your planner contact with me at

    Thanks much in advance!
    Sharon (cosheruppls)

    Quote Originally Posted by lRaiNel View Post
    Actually, its possible to engage a planner with a budget of $3k. There are many planners around these days. You just have to find the right one. One whom, you're comfortable to work with.

    I got mine at around that amount. I think there are a few others around in the forum, saying that they paid about $2k for theirs too. As long as you're not looking for the really popular planners around, its possible to keep it around the budget.

    As you know, prices comes with name. It also doesn't mean that the not so famous ones are no good. Its finding someone whom you like and is comfortable with.

    I can recommend mine to you, if you're interested. I'll drop you a pm.

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    SMSed you! Hopefully not too late

    Quote Originally Posted by tidawei View Post
    guys i've got complementary wedding workshop passes to give away that i've received as a gift. but i'm married and most of my friends are too! pls text me at 91818080 and i'll call u back. don't want to waste this

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    How much does it cost to hire a wedding planner in Singapore .. What can they help ?

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    Hello there BTBs!

    We are a wedding planning company that specializes in "House Restaurant Weddings", and we tie up with several house restaurants to provide a more intimate and different experience for your wedding! Personally I feel that restaurants provide a more warm and cozy atmosphere, so best suited for smaller and more intimate weddings or solemnization. Most restaurants that we recommend also have an outdoor terrace so it's suitable for couples who wish to have outdoor solemnization!

    Of course, if you wish to hold your wedding at the usual hotel banquets, we'll be happy to help you with the planning as well!

    I'll be more than happy to send you guys our portfolio with more on our services for your consideration. Please do contact us directly at (+65) 6887 3828 or our email if you are keen.

    Please feel free to visit our website ETERNAL EMOTION|Singapore Wedding or for more information!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vola View Post
    How much does it cost to hire a wedding planner in Singapore .. What can they help ?
    Hello vola!

    I think the average cost for wedding planners range from 3-5k, and as mentioned by the other btbs, it's best to find one whom you feel most comfortable to work with.

    Usually for wedding planners, they will help and support your wedding planning from the first consultation all the way to your actual wedding day. The couple will have to let planners like us know more on their requirements of their wedding and what they will be expecting at their wedding, and we will thereby try to come up with something that best meet their needs. Of course, we will help in other logistical matters such as sourcing your wedding venue, vendors and liaising with them and so forth, which is a very basic requirement for every wedding planner. Time-saving is certainly a known advantage of hiring a wedding planner, so there's nothing to rave about in my personal opinion.

    What's more important is that, it's a once in a lifetime event, so it would be good if you have someone who is experienced to give you accurate advices along the way to direct and shape the wedding that you've always wanted into reality. You'll probably find that you tend to get much more indecisive than usual during wedding planning (although the groom-to-be will usually still be as chill as ever ;p) because these are decisions that you'll only get to make once and you don't wanna regret after making any!

    Of course, during the actual day we planners will be there to coordinate and make sure that everything is in place (which is another known advantage). We'll be with you the entire day to attend to you and make sure that the couple is well taken care of as well, it's like having a personal attendant so that you can solely focus on being a pretty bride and not have anything to worry about!

    There are many details that people may overlook during wedding planning and what we do is to take care of these details and make sure everything is perfect for your wedding day!

    Please do feel free to email me at if any of you might be keen or wish to find out more about what we do

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