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Thread: Wedding Planner suggestion

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    Wedding Planner suggestion

    Could anyone give some valuable suggestion of the following wedding planner? I am deciding which to choose for my big day~

    Thank you~

    - Wedding Entourage
    - Spellbound
    - Diary & Design

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    My friend use Spellbound and she is really happy about it. So I think it is good

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    thank you for the kind suggestion, I need help for both days but Spellbound is only available for my AD event, so probably need to go for either dairy&design or Wedding entourage, still meeting each planner for a better decision

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    My wedding planner's christin from Indulgz Weddings, she very attentive to my needs and requirements, not expensive too, compared to spellbound n wedding entourage, maybe u can check them out.

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    It is quite essential to choose the best wedding planner for making your big day very special. In-fact it is very good to go for the wedding planner because they makes things very easy for us and the key things about them is they do things within budget that's what makes very special and folks like to go with the wedding planner for making their special day very special.

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