Hello BTBs, considering whether to get a planner?

Here are some pointers for you to consider!

Usually for wedding planners, they will help and support your wedding planning from the first consultation all the way to your actual wedding day. The couple will have to let planners like us know more on their requirements of their wedding and what they will be expecting at their wedding, and we will thereby try to come up with something that best meet their needs. Of course, we will help in other logistical matters such as sourcing your wedding venue, vendors and liaising with them and so forth, which is a very basic requirement for every wedding planner. Time-saving is certainly a known advantage of hiring a wedding planner, so there's nothing to rave about in my personal opinion.

What's more important is that, it's a once in a lifetime event, so it would be good if you have someone who is experienced to give you accurate advices along the way to direct and shape the wedding that you've always wanted into reality. You'll probably find that you tend to get much more indecisive than usual during wedding planning (although the groom-to-be will usually still be as chill as ever ;p) because these are decisions that you'll only get to make once and you don't wanna regret after making any!

Of course, during the actual day we planners will be there to coordinate and make sure that everything is in place (which is another known advantage). We'll be with you the entire day to attend to you and make sure that the couple is well taken care of as well, it's like having a personal attendant so that you can solely focus on being a pretty bride and not have anything to worry about!

There are many details that people may overlook during wedding planning and what we do is to take care of these details and make sure everything is perfect for your wedding day!

Certainly, some couples will still prefer to save the costs in engaging a planner and have their friends to help out at the wedding. It will definitely work, but they may not have much experience doing such coordinations, and I'm sure you'd want them to enjoy themselves at your wedding as well ya?

Anyhow, these are just some notes on how a wedding planner can help to ease your planning process.

Actually, just out of curiousity, what do you guys think it's the most important factor at your wedding?

Decorations, food, venue, guest satisfactions etc?

I'd really really like to know, and would appreciate replies to this thread!

This is definitely not just to promote our planning services, but sincerely wish to help you brides-to-be! So please feel free to ask any questions that you might have, and I'll try to assist as much as I can!

Welcome comments on why you think wedding planner is necessary/unnecessary as well!