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Thread: Should I hire a Wedding Planner?

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    Hi, I am looking for a wedding planner with good recommendation.

    Reasonable price range and good.

    If anyone has recommendation, do PM me.


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    Yes, it is very essential to hire a wedding planner for the following reason.
    1.) They will help you stay within your budget
    They will save you time.
    They will help you make good decision
    They can understand and interpret your vision.
    They will give you peace of mind that things will get done.

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    I think you may need a wedding planner, get married is a major event of your life, as you havenot enough to plan it , hire a wedding planner is your best choice

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    Most brides today are working on their careers and have little time or energy to take on the details of a wedding, although they usually want to be a part of the process.

    Below are some point which we have to take care of it;

    Wedding planning is stressful: Most of the task is stressful like arranging the perfect wedding venue, dealing with the vendors, etc. Bringing on board a professional planner can make all your arrangement and you can enjoy your wedding with free mind.

    Choosing the Right Vendors: We do not have any ideas while choosing the perfect vendor, we do not have any idea how much they are charging for each stuff.

    Wedding planning takes time: It takes month to plan each and every small detail and to execute it as per our requirement is the most important thing.

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    Smile Wedding Planner

    I do have a recommendation if anyone needs a wedding planner though. They don't charge at a very expensive rate as they've just started out in this industry not long ago. Although they are not very well-known in the market, but they've planned my wedding well! From the initial planning to the final day, as my wedding was a traditional one with all the Chinese customaries to go through, everything was planned accordingly and on schedule.

    Let me know if anyone is interested and I can share their contact details.

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    Freelance Wedding Planner Services

    Hi there,

    I am offering freelance wedding planner services!

    Having successfully managed numerous couple friend's weddings/solemnisations, received multiple compliments & encouragements from the them, whom I've managed their big day made me realised my true passion for planning/excuting one so it's high time I bring myself to the next level!

    Weddings can be an extremely stressful journey for some. From deciding the big stuffs (right gown/suit, banquet packages, photographer, etc) to the little knick knacks (table arrangements, time management, sequence flow, etc) just to achieve that perfect moment for D day.

    Many a times, I've also noticed how this could be strenous to a couple's relationship but I strongly believe that this is the day where you should look your absolute best & feel most relaxed. We all just need that extra pair of hands...

    That is why I'm offering my services today! Whether you need help right from the start of the preparation phase or just the execution on D day, I will sit down with you to understand your needs & guide/assist you all the way. Making your big day a seamless & wonderful journey!

    As this is purely my passion, I'm keeping charges to a minimal cost, depending on your needs. So why not give my service a try & give yourself a beautiful wedding!

    PM or email me at to find out more!


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