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Thread: Wedding Planner rates and reviews?

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    Wedding Planner rates and reviews?

    Looking for rates and reviews on wedding planners ...

    If you have hired a wedding planner, please advise what is cost of engaging one in Singapore and the scope it covers?

    Helping a friend to post as she is looking for a wedding planner

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    Many people think that wedding planners in Singapore is expensive and cost a bomb if you plan to engage one

    In actual fact Wedding planners can help you save money because they know where to get the cheapest deal rather than you.

    Following is a list of popular Wedding planners that you may wish to consider ...

    Wedding Concierge
    Ode To Joy
    The Wedding Butler
    Butterflies and Cakes
    The Moment
    The Wedding Mansion
    Wedding Diary
    d'Love Affair
    Wedding Elves
    Wedding Encounter
    Wedding Journey
    Never Ending Ideas
    The Wedding Stylist
    Wedding Matters
    Prema Wedding Services

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    Hi ,

    My charges for wedding planning are S$800 onwards. Do contact me if you are interested to meet up ! =)

    Jaclyn 97431644(whatsapp/sms only)

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