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Thread: Cost of engaging a wedding planner

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    Cost of engaging a wedding planner

    Wondering what is the cost of engaging a wedding planner in Singapore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebe View Post
    Wondering what is the cost of engaging a wedding planner in Singapore?
    I dun think engaging Wedding planner is common in Singapore, most Singaporean planned their own wedding unless you are really busy or you are very rich as i think it cost really expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fifi View Post
    I dun think engaging Wedding planner is common in Singapore, most Singaporean planned their own wedding unless you are really busy or you are very rich as i think it cost really expensive.
    Do you want are the rates like?

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    Many people think that wedding planners in Singapore is expensive and cost a bomb if you plan to engage one

    In actual fact Wedding planners can help you save money because they know where to get the cheapest deal rather than you.

    Following is a list of popular Wedding planners that you may wish to consider ...

    Wedding Concierge
    Ode To Joy
    The Wedding Butler
    Butterflies and Cakes
    The Moment
    The Wedding Mansion
    Wedding Diary
    d'Love Affair
    Wedding Elves
    Wedding Encounter
    Wedding Journey
    Never Ending Ideas
    The Wedding Stylist
    Wedding Matters
    Prema Wedding Services

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    Hi ,

    My charges for wedding planning are S$800 onwards. Do contact me if you are interested to meet up ! =)

    Jaclyn 97431644(whatsapp/sms only)

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    Costing of engaging a wedding planner is most probably depends upon how famous the wedding planner is? Because costing may vary planner to planner, so it is quite difficult to tell how much they will cost. This is what the key reason most of the folks step back of engaging a wedding planner. Most of the wedding planner charge as per your budget in a percentage.

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    Wedding is most beautiful moment, memorable and important event in of your life and its really difficult task to choose wedding planner because its includes event decorators, wedding foods, venue theme/location, photographers and Videographers, Singers arrangement. Most wedding planner always go with your budget but difficulty is how you can trust on wedding planner then best things is go with there past wedding events reviews. Recently i visit my friend wedding party and there all planning arranged by Oh's farm Catering and they are damn good in decorating venue theme and Thai food so delicious.

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    Whether or not you think you need a wedding planner, really depends on what you want. For example, one of my couples, they always bickle with each other and they know that it may be hard to come to common grounds for many things. This is especially magnified when the stress of the wedding day keeps adding on as the day nears. So they decided that having a wedding planner may be what they need to reduce any possible friction that may sour the relationship.

    Wedding planners usually have preferred vendors whom they work with and it is through these relationships that clients can be ensured of reliability as well as good deals.

    When you engage a wedding planner, you are really engaging their network together with their expertise. Those of us who planned our own weddings would have recalled the times that we spent a huge amount of time researching on the best vendors or the most value for money deals we can find. Having a professional doing it for you will ease off this process.

    I personally provide my services to help you along your planning process. Me and my team would be happy to assist you for any wedding related questions, even if you do not engage us in the end. We know how difficult it can be and finding the right person to answer the right question is just what we need.

    If you have a burning question, you can contact me (Esther) at

    Enjoy the process of your wedding journey!

    w: Jolly J. Your Wedding Journey Companion

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    Hi there, lost the login details to my previous account - jollyjweddings. This is the new account. For any burning questions on wedding, feel free to email to Cheers!

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    Try MS-enal Wedding Planner. She's good. My cousin engaged her for their wedding and she help them to think of their theme, she even went to meet the bridemaid to see each individual character so as to see who is the in charge for the particular the unique gate crash games, scripts for their pre-wedding video and select songs for March in that is meaningful to go with the couple's thank you speech. She even help to liased with the banquet coordinator to ensure the everything went smoothly. She's even there from morning gate crash to the evening wedding. Excellent service and very professional lady. The guest had a good laugh from the games she plan for morning highlight.

    I have too engaged her to be my wedding planner and she constantly update me to ensure everything is ok

    Her cost starts from $300 onwards and will not exceed 4K.

    You can contact her at 96992409. Extremely friendly and nice wedding planner.

    Thumbs up.

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