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Thread: More wedding tips and information is coming your way ...

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    More wedding tips and information is coming your way ...

    We are still updating and uploading more useful wedding tips and information in the coming days & weeks.

    Come back to visit us again soon!

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamzs View Post
    For those who are choosing bridal studio or pre-wedding photos, I recommend to read the blog Strongly suggest all bride-to-be and groom-to-be to read
    Your review doesn't look like coming from a genuine customer, by posting your blog's link over 14 topics in Wedding Forum to share is very much asking us not to go to one stop bridal shop, your motive? So we better switch to other service provider e.g Designer Boutique or stand alone photographer? Scratch the car in the car park just because your car workshop is near by? Your story in your blog is like those junk email we got telling us their sad story and ask us to contact them, they have few million US dollar to invest with you.....

    I am still thinking about "TRUE or FALSE" of you and your story told. Worth trying here because it is free. Just my fair opinion here, don't mind. Oh yes, why a SALE person will ask a 17 year old boy to buy wedding package, knowing they hardly have more than $30 in their pocket, I will get a good scolding section from my boss if I wasting my time on a little boy, may be the sale person used to sale computer game.


    p.s.I post this comment over 14 topic also

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    I'm here to share a tip on how to look great before a wedding - whether it is your wedding, or someone else's, you'd definitely want to dress to impress! My sister takes this slimming supplement called GLOW. She has lost so much.. probably 6kg altogether in just 3 months? It's rreally amazing and everyone couldn't believe it either. I'm taking it as well now and have already lost 2kg! the supplement is so easy to take and unlike other weird slimming pills, GLOW doesn't have any side effects. all ingredients used are natural, and you can even smell the raspberry flavour. it's simply for anyone and everyone!

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    ya please post as soon as possible because i am very much in need of information.........
    Top Ten classified website

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    Want to rejuvenate yourself and look fabulous before your big day? Simply book our spa party or hen party now! Call us at 97389895 to make your appointment!

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    As I was looking through the richest wedding in singapore, to get some ideas. I saw this. I thought of sharing with you so you have an idea/guide to your wedding plan.

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    nice post! thanks for sharing!

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    Red face

    I often go shopping, so I have a lot of experience of looking for dresses that are in good quality but cheap, and recently I have found an online store(, which is really great.


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