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Thread: Be familiar with Bridal shop terms like MTM, PG ... etc.

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    Be familiar with Bridal shop terms like MTM, PG ... etc.

    Before you start hunting for your bridal package, it is important that you familiarize yourself with some of these bridal terms so that you won’t look blur when people talk to you.

    * BS – Bridal shop
    * WG – Wedding gown
    * EG – Evening gown
    * MTM – Made-to-measure
    * OTR – Off -the-rack
    * AD – Actual day
    * PS – Photoshoot
    * PG – Photographer
    * VG – Videographer
    * MUA – Make-up artist

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    I copied all of them. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks admin. This is a great share as I was aware of almost none of them. Now I am going to see my frineds blur when I am going to use these terms ad they won't be knowing it :P lolzzzz

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    Thanks for the info..

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    Thanks for the useful information

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    what does ROM mean?

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    Thank for the info.

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    Thanks for the info, vy useful...

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    Many thanks for the info!

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    Thanks for sharing! I was unaware of about most of them.

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