Former JCube Shopping Centre Capitaland to Mix Development Condo

Capitaland to Mix Development Condo in Jurong East

Capitaland Development plans to buy the former JCube Shopping Centre in Jurong, near the Jurong integrated transport hub, which includes civic institutions, a bus interchange, and future mixed-use developments. The new owner will examine potential redevelopment options for the mall. The existing mall operator, CapitaLand Retail Management, will stay in place and continue operating it.

JCube’s future

The redevelopment of JCube is under review, with CLD exploring a number of options. However, no firm plan has been drawn up yet. However, the URA’s publication of a proposed masterplan amendment suggests that the company has at least in-principle approval from authorities. The mall is located about 200m from Jurong East MRT station. The other nearby shopping malls are Westgate, IMM and Jem.

One option is to replace the JCube with a mixed-use residential development. However, redevelopment of JCube is a controversial idea, as it has the potential to affect its future use. Moreover, it may not be possible to preserve its iconic status if it is converted into a mixed-use development. The JCube is currently the only Olympic-size ice rink in Singapore. Its redevelopment may also affect the future of Singapore’s ice sports athletes.

In addition, shareholders have expressed concern over the declining occupancy rate of JCube. At the moment, it has the lowest occupancy rate of any of the malls in CMT’s portfolio. Its occupancy rate has fallen from 94.3% a year ago to 91.6% this year. However, CMT is positioning the mall as a destination for sports, with a 24-hour gym.

Meanwhile, a new Jurong Lake District masterplan aims to make the Jurong Lake District the largest mixed-use business district outside the city center. It will also be home to four MRT lines. While JCube is currently in operation, it will likely undergo some changes, with the redevelopment of its existing retail space. As a result, many existing tenants will need to find new rental space. The government also plans to redevelop the Jurong Lake district as a township with 20,000 new homes.

IMAX theatre

According to an Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) masterplan, the JCube plot could be redeveloped for primarily residential purposes, with commercial spaces on the first storey. However, the plan is not yet approved. In the meantime, JCube is still doing business as usual.

JCube is home to Singapore’s first IMAX cinema and Olympic-sized ice rink. It was constructed on the site of the former Jurong Entertainment Centre. Its name is the result of a naming competition held in 2010 and was chosen based on its location in Jurong, Singapore. The Cube part refers to the mall’s shape, which resembles an ice cube. The mall is designed by Benoy and RSP Architects. In recent years, it has seen a rise in residential demand.

Ice rink

The former JCube Shopping Centre is set to be demolished and replaced by a mixed-use development in Jurong East. As the Jurong East area is undergoing a transformation into an urban hub, CapitaLand Development has also taken into account the changing landscape. The redevelopment of JCube has also cast a shadow over the future of ice sports in Singapore, as the building houses one of only two ice rinks in the entire city.

The land at the former JCube Shopping Centre is currently occupied by a 460-seat gallery and an IMAX theatre. The UDRA has proposed a change in the land use of the site, which will allow for the development of a mixed-use residential development. The JCube mall is owned by CapitaLand, which also owns Westgate and IMM Mall. The JCube was opened in 2012.

CapitaLand hopes to take advantage of the property’s location and connectivity. The former JCube Shopping Centre is currently home to a mall and an ice rink, but a mixed-use development could see prices as high as $2000 psf. In fact, one of its neighbours, Amo Residence, recently sold for $2100 psf in the Outside Central Region – a record for a first-day preview sale.

Capitaland is exploring various options for redevelopment of the JCube Shopping Centre. The developer has not yet announced a final plan, but the publication of the proposed masterplan amendment by the URA suggests that the company has received in principle approval from the authorities. The JCube Shopping Centre is located just 200 metres away from Jurong East MRT station. Other malls in the vicinity include the Westgate shopping mall and the outlet mall IMM.

Redevelopment of mall

A new masterplan for Jurong Lake District hopes to make the former JCube Shopping Centre into a mixed-use business district, with improved connectivity to the rest of the island. But a spokesperson for CLD says a decision isn’t yet in the works. In the meantime, the company is focusing on exploring various options for the redevelopment of the site.

Capitaland plans to redevelop the JCube Shopping Centre in Jurong East, which opened in 2012. A new masterplan has been approved by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, which proposes that the former mall’s land be converted from a commercial area to residential, with commercial space on the first floor. The plot ratio of the proposed property will increase from 3.0 to 4.2, which means that the development will have a greater density.

The JCube’s sale to CapitaLand Group has led to speculation over whether the redevelopment will take place. After all, the CICT has been increasing its asset recycling efforts, as it divested two properties and acquired 3 assets in Australia. It is expected that the net proceeds from these deals could help fund future acquisitions. However, if this doesn’t happen, CICT will have to reconsider its future plans for the JCube Shopping Centre.

The redevelopment of the former JCube Shopping Centre in Jurong East will be the first mixed-use project to occupy the area. Its estimated price per square foot (psf) is around $1,480, which is higher than the current average of $1758. This includes the mixed-use residential component of the JCube, which could reach $2000 psf.

Cost of redevelopment

The CLD wants to redevelop the former JCube Shopping Centre into a residential complex. However, the company will face stiff competition from other shopping malls in the vicinity. It will also have to deal with a strong demand for residential properties in the Jurong East area.

The site is about 7,771.2 square meters in size, with a net lettable area of 210,038 square feet. It also has a roof garden and IMAX cinema. The site has a 99-year leasehold and has a committed occupancy of 95.5 percent.

JCube was built in 2012. It is one of four malls around Jurong East Central, owned by CapitaLand. The others are the IMM and JEM. The JCube has been undergoing major refurbishments and has faced stiff competition from its neighbours. As a result of the intense competition, the land has recently been rezoned. The new development plan will see more residential units built on the site and increase the plot ratio from 3.0 to 4.2.

While the sale of the former JCube Shopping Centre is a big win for the developer, the sale price is also a significant challenge. The site is located in a difficult location, opposite the JEM mall and the Westgate mall. It is surrounded by bus interchanges and MRT stations. As a result, foot traffic in the area has dropped. The tenants have suffered and the site has experienced a high rate of tenant churn.

Impact on neighbouring malls

Recently, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announced that the former JCube Shopping Centre may be converted into a mixed-use development involving residential and commercial space. According to the plan, the first two storeys of the new development will contain commercial space and the rest will be residential apartments. The development is likely to impact neighbouring malls in the area, which includes Westgate and IMM.

The developer, CapitaLand Development, wants to build a larger property at the former JCube Shopping Centre. This will allow them to sell more units and increase the overall property value. The new mixed-use residential component of the development is expected to fetch a price of at least $2000 psf. In contrast, Amo Residence, a mixed-use development in the Outside Central Region, sold for $2100 psf on its first day of preview.

Tengah Executive Condominium Living in a Green Setting

A new development near the CBD, Tengah EC is set to be the first of its kind in the West region. This development will feature numerous green features and smart condominiums. The concept behind its design is to combine sustainable design and green architecture with modern amenities. It will also be conveniently located for easy access to the city center. As a result, this new development will be the ideal place for people looking to live in a green setting.

The Site Plan for Tengah EC features over 6,000 new flats with a lush 80-hectare landscape. It will be like a Botanic Garden, with abundant landscaping and a tranquil wooden courtyard. It is scheduled to be launched in May 2019.

Located near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the project features greeneries and recreational facilities. The site plan also shows a future car-free town centre, with three MRT stations nearby. There will be some attractive amenities at Tengah EC, such as an outdoor pool and fitness centre. There will also be balconies overlooking the greenery. This project will be the first of its kind in the West.

The development will be designed to accommodate technological advancements and upcoming digital infrastructure. Tengah EC will be green and sustainable, and will provide a more comfortable lifestyle for residents. The building will have integrated solar panels, natural ventilation, and an electric vehicle charging station. The site plan also incorporates the best of both worlds: modern conveniences with green living. This makes Tengah EC a smart choice for both residents and businesses.

Tengah EC is located in the town of Tengah. The expressway connects the area to the Central Business District, Marina Bay, and the upcoming Jurong Innovation District. Additionally, the area is surrounded by numerous secondary schools. If you are planning to build a home on the site, make sure to look at the Site Plan for Tengah EC before you make a decision.

The Site Plan for Tengah EC will be one of the most sustainable towns in Singapore. It will include green features and smart technologies. Residents of Copen Grand will benefit from generous green spaces and dedicated farming and gardening spaces. It will also be one of the first HDB towns in Singapore to incorporate smart technologies. The housing districts will focus on sustainability, green features, and community-centric spaces. So, whether you are an urban or rural dweller, it will be a smart choice for you.

Located just south of the city centre, the Tengah EC is set to provide aspiring executives with convenient access to the city’s CBD and other important districts. In addition, the location is just minutes away from the Jurong Lake District, the second largest central business district outside of the city centre. The estate is also accessible via public transport services. There are several schools within walking distance of the development. For families with kids, the location is a bonus.

The Tengah EC is ideally located next to a bus interchange and a future MRT station. It is also surrounded by parks, playgrounds and community farms. This new town centre is expected to have no traffic jams, and will be car-lite and noise-controlled. Tengah EC will feature a number of amenities. Here, families can enjoy the convenience and benefits of a car-lite environment while interacting with the surrounding community.

The development will be one of the greenest developments in Singapore, with numerous green features and a focus on sustainability. The project is set to be the first of its kind in the West region, and it is expected to provide residents with an eco-friendly alternative to the pollution-ridden environment. In addition, the development is ideally located close to the city center, which will make it a desirable home for young professionals looking to achieve a work-life balance.

The Tengah EC Site Plan has a good entry price, which makes it an excellent choice for the average Singapore buyer. The site was so popular with developers that it drew seven bids. The winning bid was $400.3 million, which works out to about $603 per square foot. The location is also close to the Jurong Eco-town and the Jurong Innovation District. The area will likely attract a healthy amount of interest in the coming years.

The development is located near the city centre, a few minutes away from the Jurong Innovation District and the Central Business District. It is also within a 30-minute drive of the Jurong Lake District, the second-largest central business district outside of the city centre. The site is also close to a nature reserve, making it a suitable place for families with children. Besides the future developments, the development is also near several educational institutions. Shuqun Primary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School are within 2 km of the development.

The development is located in the vicinity of the future Tengah Garden Walk road. Its design is influenced by nature, promoting physical rejuvenation and total relaxation. It has many species of plants and water features that purify the air and enhance the surrounding atmosphere. It is a peaceful place that will re-energize your mind and body. For those who are looking for an ideal place to settle down, this area is an ideal option.

The site plan of Tengah EC is a blueprint for a smart and sustainable town. It is the first of its kind in Tengah. The site plan incorporates the Biophilic Town Framework, which guides the enhancement of the natural landscape. This ensures that the environment is healthy and people feel better in these natural surroundings. Therefore, the site plan includes features that will improve air quality and reduce waste.

There are various future developments planned in Tengah EC. The site plan covers a land area of 61,659 square meters. It includes 620 private residences and is spread across twelve blocks of fourteen storeys. It will also be close to three MRT stations. In terms of location, the development is ideally situated near the Jurong Innovation District, Jurong Eco-town, and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Tengah is located in the western part of Singapore, bounded by the Pan-Island Expressway, Kranji Expressway, Brickland Road, and Bukit Batok Road. The area is characterized as Forest Town, with quality living as the main premise. The Copen Grand EC offers spacious 3 and 4-bedroom layouts and is expected to be priced around $1200 per square foot.

The site’s proximity to schools is also an important factor for prospective buyers. It is located within a two-kilometer radius of multiple primary schools. These include Shuqun Primary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School. The site is also close to River Valley High School and Dulwich College of Singapore. This location makes it an excellent choice for families with young children. Within two-kilometre radius of the Tengah EC site, it is near educational institutions such as these.

The prices of Tengah EC are competitive with the area’s pent-up demand. It is located in close proximity to the future car-free town centre, and the prices are comparable to other similar developments. For more information, check out the Tengah EC brochure and gallery. And stay tuned, as we are soon uploading more details. Just a few more days and we’ll be updating the pricing range for this luxurious project.

As of today, there are no prices for the development’s prime land, but it’s likely to be priced between $1100 and $1200 per square foot. The launch date isn’t yet known. The development’s builder, City Development, is a well-known developer in Singapore. It is also part of the Jardine Matheson Group and MCL Land. The latter company has considerable experience in residential development in Singapore, having been involved in developments such as the Westgate, Sol Acres, and Parc Esta.

If you’re a first-time buyer, you may be wondering about the entry price for Tengah EC. This area is known for its luxurious executive condominiums, but its price tag is not cheap. In fact, it is the most expensive in the entire country. The price of these condos has skyrocketed, from about RM650,000 to $1,100 psf. That’s a lot of money, but if you’re willing to put in a large amount of time and effort, you can find a good deal.

The first phase of Tengah EC is expected to launch in 2021. It will be a joint development between City Developments Ltd and MCL Land. It is located just 1.1km from Bukit Batok Town Centre and the MRT station. It is still under review by relevant authorities, so it is best to check for the latest updates before deciding whether to invest in it. However, if you’re considering purchasing a unit in Tengah EC, it’s best to check the entry price before finalizing it.

Another advantage of Tengah EC is its prime location. It’s located near the CBD, Jurong Innovation District, and Jurong Lake District, two of the largest business districts outside the city centre. Additionally, it is close to a nature reserve, making it ideal for families with children. And, since it is near the Jurong Lake District, it is easily accessible by public transport services. There are many amenities and places of interest near Tengah EC, so you can easily enjoy the nature park while you are out with the family.

The Tengah EC is an affordable option if you’re looking for a low entry price plot. It was recently bid competitively by developers, and the winning bid was $400.3 million, which translates to S$603 per square foot. The development is located near the Jurong Eco-town and the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, so it should generate a good amount of interest.